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BioBoxx facts

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Zero emission of CO2

Electric vans are used to collect the BioBoxxes and this way even the logistic means around this concept is CO2 neutral.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

People who have a hard time finding jobs are recruited for the pick-up of the BioBoxxes. The money earned from each pick-up goes to these people.

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extra biogas

The BioBoxx itself also produces a significant amount of biogas in the digester along with the organic waste!

What we do and the benefits

Turning green waste into green energy is our mission.
  • The percentage if you recycle via fermentation.

  • By segregating your waste, you will reduce the cost of your waste treatment.

  • Due to the concept you will have up to 80% less transportation for the same volume of waste compared to the regular waste containers.


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